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FAQ: Is my injury covered by Florida workers' compensation?

The Florida workers' compensation system is complex. Those who have never dealt with the process often require guidance to ensure they get the benefits to which they're entitled to.

One of the most common questions people have when injured at work is: If I get hurt at work will my injury be covered by workers' compensation? The law usually covers most injuries and occupational illnesses that happen on the job.

Causes of construction workers' accidents not always apparent

All eyes have been on a strip of highway near Florida International University since a tragic bridge collapse occurred there on a recent Thursday. When construction workers' accidents like this one occur, preliminary investigations often lead to more questions than answers. One construction employee who was working on the bridge at the time says he remembers hearing a cracking sound, which caused him to rush to lock his safety harness in place.

That maneuver apparently saved the worker's life, as moments later, he and the bridge went crashing to the highway below. The bridge was being constructed to create a safer means of crossing the road for students attending FIU. However, something went terribly wrong, and it will likely be some time before definitive answers are provided as to what caused the brand new bridge to fall. 

Steady support available for those who suffer workplace injuries

When you show up for work each day in Florida or some other state, you likely hope to enjoy a productive day with as little amount of stress as possible. While you may be able to make certain projections about production or profitability, you can never be sure exactly how the events of a particular workday will unfold. Sometimes, when you least expect it, workplace injuries will occur.

If you're hurt in a work vehicle or suffer a mishap with a machine or other equipment, the top priority is always to get medical attention as quickly as possible. Beyond that, there are really no two recoveries alike, as each person's body reacts to injury differently, so one person may recover sooner than another even when the injuries suffered are similar. Along with the physical aspects of recovery, you may also encounter challenges regarding financial issues.

Father worried sons will die in workplace accidents like this one

Many Florida parents worry about the safety of their adult children who work in industries commonly associated with high personal injury risks. A man in another state says he has gone so far as to ask his sons to find other jobs, as he worries about their safety every day. He used to work at the same carbon carbide company that currently employs his sons, where terrible workplace accidents have occurred on more than one occasion.

Just recently, an emergency call sought help for a worker who apparently suffered an electrical injury on the job. It was approximately 4:30 a.m. when the first rescue workers arrived on site. Rescuers performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, then transported the injured worker to a nearby hospital for further emergency care. Sadly, he did not survive his injuries.

Workplace accidents often involve heavy machinery

Many Florida workers regularly contend with hazards on the job that involve heavy pieces of mechanized equipment. Such employees are greatly at risk for workplace accidents, which often result in severe or even fatal injuries. In another state, a worker suffered a catastrophic injury at a job site that resulted in amputation of his leg at the scene.

The tragic situation unfolded on a recent Thursday. While a worker was carrying out various tasks and duties on the job, he somehow got his leg caught in a trenching machine. Firefighters were some of the first rescuers to respond to the emergency call and say they arrived to find the man's leg tangled in the blades of the powerful machine.

When workplace injuries exacerbate pre-existing conditions

Thousands of Florida workers will unfortunately suffer illness or injury in the workplace as the year progresses. Some workplace injuries will occur in sudden, unexpected incidents that result in acute, perhaps life-threatening conditions requiring emergency medical treatment. Other workers may suffer injuries where symptoms are not immediately apparent, but develop over time due to repeated actions or exposure to hazardous materials on the job.

Either way, the workers' compensation process becomes a high priority when employees suffer mild, moderate or severe injuries in the workplace. Some workers may have pre-existing conditions that get worse when on-the-job accidents occur. This particular type of situation can make navigation of the workers' comp process extremely challenging.

Grief intensifies when workplace accidents result in fatalities

Florida workers who are often close to tractor-trailers and other massive commercial vehicles on the job typically understand there is personal risk involved. Still, employers are obligated to provide necessary training and all available equipment to help keep employees as safe as possible. When workplace accidents occur that end in fatalities, entire companies, families and communities suffer grief.

One such incident recently occurred in another state when one worker was trying to help another. A man was reportedly standing behind a large trailer truck while giving instructions to the driver to help him back the vehicle up to a nearby loading dock. At some point, apparently unknown at the time to the driver, the man became pinned between the vehicle and the dock.

Not all workplace injuries occur suddenly

When a Florida worker is involved in an on-the-job accident, it may result in a severe injury that necessitates emergency medical treatment. There are also many situations, however, where workplace injuries develop over time and symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Throughout the nation, there are many workers in various industries who are currently suffering adverse effects associated with repetitive stress injuries.

RSI is not an isolated, single type of condition; in fact, there are a number of conditions and situations that may be linked to RSI. Pain levels also vary. Some may be on the minor side of the pain scale, causing irritation and discomfort but not impeding a worker's ability to continue carrying out his or her duties; on the other hand, some pain may be so serious that it renders partial or permanent disability. The latter is often caused by permanent nerve damage that may result if a condition goes undiagnosed or untreated for too long.

Workplace accidents like this one often lead to a financial crisis

Florida workers currently recovering from injuries suffered on the job may run into challenges when they are unable to return to their duties. Workplace accidents can have long-term consequences, and workers who must stay home for extended periods of time (or permanently) in recovery may run into financial problems when their paychecks are no longer coming in. An experienced attorney can assist a recovering injured worker as he or she navigates the workers' compensation system.

A man in another state may soon be seeking this type of assistance as he continues to recover from injuries he suffered in a recent industrial accident. The man, as well as several of his colleagues, was reportedly cutting a fuel tank when a sudden explosion occurred that caused chaos and need for emergency care. A fire erupted, igniting oil and tires nearby. The man was burned in the fire; thankfully, his injuries were not life-threatening. 

America's most dangerous jobs

Every job comes with risks of injury. But clearly some jobs have much greater risks than others. Think, for instance, of Miami police officers and firefighters. The brave people who put those uniforms on every day put themselves on the line to make our community safer.

Interestingly, neither cops nor firefighters make the list put together by Forbes of the most dangerous jobs in America. These are the occupations in which the risks of on-the-job injuries and fatalities are greatest. You'll notice when you examine the list that a number of the occupations are prominent in Miami-Dade County.

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