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Grief intensifies when workplace accidents result in fatalities

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | workplace accidents |

Florida workers who are often close to tractor-trailers and other massive commercial vehicles on the job typically understand there is personal risk involved. Still, employers are obligated to provide necessary training and all available equipment to help keep employees as safe as possible. When workplace accidents occur that end in fatalities, entire companies, families and communities suffer grief.

One such incident recently occurred in another state when one worker was trying to help another. A man was reportedly standing behind a large trailer truck while giving instructions to the driver to help him back the vehicle up to a nearby loading dock. At some point, apparently unknown at the time to the driver, the man became pinned between the vehicle and the dock.

The driver had finished back up and unhitched the trailer from the truck before he ever realized his colleague was in distress. In fact, it was reported that at least 15 minutes had passed before the driver found his co-worker. He immediately called for help. Sadly, however, the entrapped man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Florida workplace accidents often happen because someone fails to adhere to safety regulations. Sometimes, employers are deemed negligent as well. In any case, an injured worker or an immediate family member of a fatal work accident victim may file claim for benefits to help meet expenses associated with the incident. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can guide workers or their families through the process, which is often complicated and stressful. Acting alongside such guidance may not only help alleviate stress but may also help simplify and expedite the claims process.

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