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Not all workplace injuries occur suddenly

When a Florida worker is involved in an on-the-job accident, it may result in a severe injury that necessitates emergency medical treatment. There are also many situations, however, where workplace injuries develop over time and symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Throughout the nation, there are many workers in various industries who are currently suffering adverse effects associated with repetitive stress injuries.

RSI is not an isolated, single type of condition; in fact, there are a number of conditions and situations that may be linked to RSI. Pain levels also vary. Some may be on the minor side of the pain scale, causing irritation and discomfort but not impeding a worker's ability to continue carrying out his or her duties; on the other hand, some pain may be so serious that it renders partial or permanent disability. The latter is often caused by permanent nerve damage that may result if a condition goes undiagnosed or untreated for too long.

RSI accounts for as many has half of all reported occupational injuries and illnesses in the nation. Anyone who performs the same task involving repeated motions of a particular body part or assumes a repeated posture in order to carry out workplace duties is at risk for RSI. Such injuries often affect joints, muscles, hands, necks, backs and other areas of the body. 

Symptoms may present as pain, tingling, swelling or numbness. For some injured workers, even the simplest task, such as picking up a coffee mug or holding a piece of paper between a thumb and forefinger, may cause tremendous pain. Workplace injuries in Florida and elsewhere often result in time off work and the need for medical treatment as well as the loss of income and other financial hardships. Anyone currently facing such problems due to RSI may wish to speak to a workers' compensation attorney to discuss options for filing a benefits claim.

Source:, "Repetitive strain injury (RSI): Diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment", Accessed on Jan. 2, 2018

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