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When workplace injuries exacerbate pre-existing conditions

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | workplace injuries |

Thousands of Florida workers will unfortunately suffer illness or injury in the workplace as the year progresses. Some workplace injuries will occur in sudden, unexpected incidents that result in acute, perhaps life-threatening conditions requiring emergency medical treatment. Other workers may suffer injuries where symptoms are not immediately apparent, but develop over time due to repeated actions or exposure to hazardous materials on the job.

Either way, the workers’ compensation process becomes a high priority when employees suffer mild, moderate or severe injuries in the workplace. Some workers may have pre-existing conditions that get worse when on-the-job accidents occur. This particular type of situation can make navigation of the workers’ comp process extremely challenging.

That’s because many employers argue that pre-existing conditions are not typically covered under workers’ compensation insurance. However, an experienced and aggressive workers’ comp attorney can protect a worker’s rights and help prove that additional injury or worsened condition was directly caused by something that happened on the job. Some types of work are undoubtedly more dangerous than others; however, even those who work in offices are at risk for injuries, such as those that result from repetitive strain due to performing the same motion or tasks over and over again.

Thus, if someone already had arthritis, but suffered worsened symptoms or additional health complications because of tasks performed in the workplace, it may qualify the worker for compensation benefits. At The Accident Law Group, P.A., we are fully equipped and prepared to assist Florida employees who have suffered workplace injuries. Since time is of the essence when reporting such incidents, we offer free consultation to help get the ball rolling quickly.