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Workplace accidents often involve heavy machinery

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | workplace accidents |

Many Florida workers regularly contend with hazards on the job that involve heavy pieces of mechanized equipment. Such employees are greatly at risk for workplace accidents, which often result in severe or even fatal injuries. In another state, a worker suffered a catastrophic injury at a job site that resulted in amputation of his leg at the scene.

The tragic situation unfolded on a recent Thursday. While a worker was carrying out various tasks and duties on the job, he somehow got his leg caught in a trenching machine. Firefighters were some of the first rescuers to respond to the emergency call and say they arrived to find the man’s leg tangled in the blades of the powerful machine.

A surgeon was immediately transported to the site. After quickly assessing the situation and the condition of the patient, the surgeon determined that amputation was necessary to save the man’s life. Thankfully, the fire crew included members of a specialized field team and they were able to act swiftly to successfully perform the needed amputation.

The severely injured worker was then airlifted to a nearby hospital. Doctors there reported that he is expected to survive and is still recovering in the hospital at this time. As in this man’s case, many Florida workplace accidents result in permanent disabilities, which may render those affected incapable of returning to work. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide guidance to such workers when they file claims for benefits to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages.

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