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When should you hire a workers’ comp lawyer?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | workplace injuries |

The question is a good one: When should you hire a workers’ compensation attorney? The answer: In an ideal world, you would never hire a lawyer because you’d never get injured on the job. And if you did get injured, your Coral Gables employer would insist that you promptly receive full workers’ comp benefits.

While both of those scenarios are nice ideals, the reality is that people do get injured on the job and far too often, employers and insurers try to deny earned, deserved benefits.

So back to the question: When should you get a Florida workers’ compensation attorney? A recent news article by a consumer protection organization says the answer is typically pretty straightforward: when you’re not getting the benefits that you deserve.

There are other situations to be aware of, however. Those include complex cases in which the injury is severe. You might be best served then to at least sit down and talk to a lawyer to ensure that you are getting everything needed to recover as fully as possible from the injury and to protect your future employment opportunities as well. After all, some injuries will result in permanent partial or full disability and require work-duty limitations for you.

Of course, injured workers who are denied benefits are most likely to seek advice and guidance from an attorney experienced in helping clients through the mediation process and skilled at taking denied claims to trial.

You can discuss the details of your injury, workers’ comp claim, denial and your legal options by contacting the Accident Law Group.