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Why Do Workers’ Compensation Disputes Arise in a No-Fault System?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Although workers’ compensation is intended to be a no-fault system, this does not guarantee the absence of disagreements. Injured workers may find that their employer’s insurance carrier agrees to provide some, but not all the benefits an injured worker needs after a workplace accident.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident

In Florida, the process for seeking workers’ compensation begins with reporting the accident to one’s employer. The employer documents the incident and forwards this information to the insurance company. The injured worker should then request medical care from the employer’s medical provider. At this stage, we recommend an employee consults with an attorney.

Educating You About Your Benefits Options

A law firm, like ours, that focuses on workers’ compensation law is an invaluable resource. We educate injured workers on their legal rights and the different types of benefits to which you may be entitled. We take the time to explain and guide you through various medical and indemnity benefits. Medical benefits include care from doctors, medical devices, and other therapies.  Indemnity or loss wage benefits also have subcategories, with calculations based on whether the workplace injury prevents you from performing your job duties, either temporarily or permanently.

We have the experience to review the benefits recommended by your employer and guide you into a strategy for maximizing your recovery and benefits. No two cases resolve the same way. Sometimes correspondence from an attorney can provide negotiation leverage. If an appeal is needed, we also know how to build a persuasive case.

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