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Workplace hazards to account for during the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

During the summer months, workers in Florida and most other states contend with hot and humid weather. Employers need to create safety plans to ensure that workers don’t get hurt or sick because of heat stress or heat stroke. To keep workers safe, they should be allowed to work during the morning or evening hours when it tends to be cooler outside. Furthermore, they should be allowed to work in shaded areas.

Workers should be given frequent rest breaks in shaded areas and access to plenty of water. Those who are showing signs of fatigue should be allowed to rest immediately. Fatigue should be thought of as a mental impairment that can make it harder to work safely. Drinking water can reduce the risk that a worker becomes dehydrated while on the job. Those who don’t like the bland taste of water can add some lemon or other natural fruit flavors to make it more palatable.

Individuals who are working outside should wear sunscreen and take other steps to protect their skin. Exposure to the sun could result in painful sunburns, and sunburns can increase a person’s risk of getting skin cancer. Those who have fair skin could be at an elevated risk of skin damage, and they should routinely check for moles or other unusual spots on their bodies.

Employees who are hurt while on the job could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This may be true even if their actions directly caused an accident to happen. Those who are hurt on the job are encouraged to tell their employers about their injuries and to seek treatment in a timely manner. An attorney might be able to help a worker file a claim for benefits or help appeal a claim that has been denied.