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Preparedness is the key to workplace safety

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | workplace accidents |

Employers in Florida should always be prepared when it comes to keeping their employees safe. It all begins with knowing what hazards an industry faces. The following are a just a few key factors that employers in any industry might need to address.

The first is indoor air quality. A poorly ventilated office building might make the workers sick through pollen and mold exposure. If more than 20% of a building’s occupants become sick, then employers are probably facing something called sick building syndrome.

If the workplace has industrial chemicals like benzene or chloroform, their use should be regulated. One contaminant that employers will especially want to watch out for is asbestos. This mineral can be found in building materials from before the 1970s, including roofing sheets, pipes and electrical wiring. Those in the wood industries run the risk of getting exposed to silica, which can lead to lung disease.

Another factor is ergonomics. If employees cannot assume comfortable positions in their desk chairs, they may suffer musculoskeletal disorders like lower back injuries and tendonitis. Lastly, employers must continually train workers on how to identify and eliminate hazards. They should also foster an environment of mutual trust where workers can easily open up about any hazards they see.

Should there be a workplace accident, the victim could file for workers’ compensation benefits and be covered for certain medical costs. These benefits can also provide wage replacement and reimburse victims for short- or long-term disability leave. Still, employers can deny payment under some circumstances. This is why it may be smart to hire a lawyer who knows about workers’ compensation law. The lawyer could assist with an appeal.