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Car accidents and human error: A clear link

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Ask anyone you know if they’re a good driver and odds are that they’ll tell you they are. Most people think they’re pretty good — not the caliber of a professional driver, perhaps, but safe and attentive. They think that most of the mistakes made on the road are made by other drivers. 

Here’s the issue, though: Everyone thinks that way. If we’re all safe drivers, there shouldn’t be any car accidents, right? Of course, with around 40,000 people dying in accidents every year, something doesn’t add up. When you look into the stats, it becomes very clear that the problem is that most people may think they’re good drivers, but they’re not. 

Research has found that 94-96% of car accidents are caused, at least to one degree or another, through human error. People may blame all sorts of other factors — the weather, their car, the road design — but those things only cause a very small percentage of crashes. The vast, overwhelming majority come from mistakes that people make behind the wheel. 

If you get injured in a car accident, what this means is that the odds are high that, if you did not cause the accident, it was the other driver who did so. They made a mistake. Maybe they were speeding. Maybe they didn’t see a stop sign. Maybe they were texting. The options are nearly endless, but they did something that led to the crash and put you in the hospital. 

When you find yourself facing high medical bills as a result, it’s important for you to know what legal options you have. Fair compensation can go a long way toward helping you get through this situation.