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Ankle injuries are very easy to reaggravate 

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | workplace injuries |

If you suffer an ankle injury at work, you know that you’ll probably need to take some time off, but you do want to get back on the job. Your goal is to let the ankle heal and then pick up where you were before the injury occurred. 

This mindset is fine, but make sure you don’t rush back to work prematurely. Ankle injuries are very easy to reaggravate, and it may not take much the second time around to create big problems. For instance, maybe you fell off of a ladder and injured your ankle immediately. If you come back too soon, you could aggravate the same injury with something as simple as stepping awkwardly on an item that was left lying on the floor. 

How serious is your injury?

One part of knowing how much time to take off — and your doctor can help you make that decision — is understanding the severity of your injury. Even a minor injury may hurt a lot at the moment that it happens, but it could quickly heal with limited treatment.

The worst injuries, on the other hand, are those that leave you with limited mobility or where you are unable to put any weight on it. That’s when you need to get medical help as soon as possible. 

How do you get the compensation you need to take time off?

Since healing time is so important with these injuries, you definitely need to know all of your rights to workers’ compensation. It can help cover the cost of treatment and some of your lost wages, allowing you to take the time you really need to heal.