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A motorcycle crash can take a toll on your knees

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The hot climate in Florida makes it an excellent location for motorcyclists. For riders in the city, getting around on two wheels can be extremely efficient. For the leisurely rider, Florida has a few prime rural locations that make for the perfect weekend getaway.

Unfortunately, riding does not come without risks. There are hundreds of motorcycling fatalities every year and thousands of injuries in Florida alone. During a motorcycle collision, almost every part of your body is exposed. You simply do not have the same levels of physical protection as your four-wheeled counterparts.

One of the most painful injuries a rider can suffer is to the knees. The recovery period for severe knee injuries can also be extensive.

Fractures to the knee cap

The design of the knees helps humans to be incredibly mobile and flexible. However, the kneecap is not designed to take severe trauma. The knee cap (patella) can easily be fractured during a collision. Sufferers may find it difficult to walk or even stand up after sustaining this type of injury. In the most extreme cases, reconstructive surgery may be required, leaving a person unable to carry out routine activities for several months.

Damaged ligaments

The structure of the knee is held in place by a network of ligaments, ACL, MCL and PCL. The trauma of a road collision can cause these ligaments to stretch, twist and even tear. Such injuries are notoriously painful, and they can involve an extended recovery period. Torn ligaments could require intricate surgeries to make repairs, leaving you immobile for several months.

Your safety should not be placed in jeopardy by other road users. If you have suffered harm in a road traffic collision, make sure you consider the legal means of obtaining compensation.