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Heel pain? You may want to seek medical care

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Whether you’re working on a construction site or walking around in the office, there is a risk that you could injure your feet and have chronic heel pain that makes it difficult for you to do the things you enjoy.

Many people believe that having some pain when standing or walking is normal, but heel pain can be a sign of an injury that needs to be attended to. You may have overused the tendons, like the Achilles, for example, or may have other injuries that require surgery, medication or therapy.

The feet aren’t made to walk on concrete and hard surfaces

Keep in mind that the human body was designed for walking on softer ground. When you’re working on concrete or hard surfaces for many hours on end, there is a risk that you could injure yourself.

It’s important that you get the right footwear for your job and also focus on getting the external ergonomic supports you need. For example, you may want to talk to your employer about getting an anti-fatigue mat that you can use in a kitchen role or while working on a hard surface.

If you can’t get an external support, using custom orthotic inserts could be beneficial.

When your heel pain becomes chronic, seek medical care

It’s necessary for you to seek out medical attention if your foot pain becomes chronic. Whether it flares up only after a few hours of work or you’re living with it constantly, you need to make sure you know the underlying cause.

Your feet are the foundation for the rest of the body. If you’re not walking normally, you could injure your knees and hips. You could have lower back pain and other issues that would be resolved with attention to your feet.

Workers’ compensation could help you as you recover

If you need to seek out medical care, tell your employer. You can make a claim against your workers’ compensation, so you can seek out an appointment with a specialist and figure out the cause of your pain. With the right treatment, many kinds of heel pain and dysfunction can be corrected, so you can get back to work and feel more comfortable while you’re there.