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Potential hazards faced by construction workers

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Anyone who is a builder or has a loved one working in the construction industry understands fully well the dangers that come with this kind of work. Every day, workers in the construction industry put their lives in the line to make buildings and roads safe for the rest of us.

Most construction-related accidents happen when either the construction companies or workers try to cut corners by overlooking state and federally approved safety guidelines. Here are some of the biggest risks and hazards construction workers deal with at work:

Working from heights

Whether they are building or demolishing structures, there are times when construction workers might have to work from extremely dangerous heights.

Falls from ladders and scaffolds also pose serious risks to construction workers. And so are falling objects (machinery, tools and materials) at construction sites.

Being struck by moving objects

Construction sites are generally synonymous with heavy lifting. And the risks associated with moving heavy equipment around can never be overstated. Moving objects or flying debris can strike and cause serious bodily harm to construction workers, especially when they are not wearing the right protective gear.

Trips, slips and falls

Construction sites are, without a doubt, chaotic environments. Uneven terrains, debris and litter that are commonly found in construction sites pose serious tripping hazards for construction workers.

Preventing construction site injuries

Most construction site injuries can be prevented by taking the following measures:

  • Providing workers with proper safety equipment
  • Putting in place proper safety policies and procedures
  • Regular routine training on workplace safety

Make no mistake, every job comes with its share of risks and hazards. Unfortunately, due to their very nature, construction site injuries can be very devastating. If you are hurt at a construction site, it is important that you take appropriate steps to pursue workers’ compensation claims for your damages.