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What are the true consequences of an amputation?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

If you work with heavy machinery you have probably heard cautionary tales about people who lost a finger, hand or limb in a machine. Yet machines do not need to be gargantuan for this to happen. It can happen with anything that has moving parts, from a heavy printing press to a kitchen appliance.

Employers need to train staff on any tool they may come into contact with. Workers who will use those tools need more training, but even those that merely work in the same space need to understand their dangers.

Safety guards and mechanisms must be in place and functioning

If a particular machine has a cut-off switch, everyone needs to understand that when it is off, it is off for a reason. They cannot just walk by, see it is off and flick it back up thinking they are being helpful. Otherwise, the person who turned it off because they were about to clean it, but stepped away momentarily, may be injured if they do not double-check before proceeding.

Amputation is about more than losing a limb

Let’s say you lose your finger when you put your hand into that machine you thought was off. How will that affect you aside from the immediate pain and shock?

  • It will hinder your ability to do specific things: This can affect your enjoyment of life and ability to earn.
  • It will affect you emotionally: Many people suffer depression or feel inadequate or unlovable when they lose part of them.

That is just losing a finger. Losing a whole hand or limb could be much more challenging. Getting legal help to ensure adequate worker’s compensation will be crucial.