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3 health concerns when working at your desk

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Some people dream of having a job where you sit in one place and the work comes to you – especially if you can work from home. While there are a ton of bonuses for working at a desk there are unprecedented health issues you could develop.

Here are three common problems:

1. Slouching when sitting

People can easily develop a nasty habit of slouching at their desks. Not only can it cause back issues but it could be creating other health concerns. Slouching could cause you to develop bladder issues, heartburn and slow digestion

Readjusting your posture so you’re sitting up straight with your shoulders back could help reduce health concerns in the future.

2. Treadmill desks

Some people try to combat sitting every day by converting their desk into a partial treadmill – that way they can also get some exercise while they work. Yet, working while you walk could cause trouble when trying to concentrate. 

If you suddenly lose focus, you could easily trip or misstep on your treadmill, causing injuries from a fall. A bad fall could lead to spinal and head injuries – not to mention the embarrassment of falling during a meeting.

3. Too much screen time

Looking at our phones and laptop screen is often a daily habit for just about everyone. While working on a laptop can seem convenient, your screen might be contributing to a number of health issues. 

Overexposure to computer screens could be worsening your eyesight – this is a common concern among doctors. The amount of light coming off the computer screen could also be causing insomnia, which may lead to depression, heart issues and obesity.

Many people don’t realize the hazards of working at a desk all day. If you develop medical problems that are preventing you from working how you once did, then you may need to know your options.