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Flight crew safety must remain a priority

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Flight crew provides a valuable service to the air travelers who book flights with an airline. Anyone who’s been on a flight has come into contact with a flight attendant who ensures the passengers have a safe flight that’s as comfortable as possible.

These flight attendants put themselves at risk during the flight to ensure that passengers are taken care of. There are several hazards that are known to affect these professionals. 

Chance of illness

Because the plane’s cabin has a closed air system that uses recycled air, there’s a risk of illness. These flight attendants can go near a sick passenger, which can lead to them being exposed to that passenger’s germs. Jet lag and ionizing radiation are also common hazards for these workers. 

Risk of injuries

Flight attendants can suffer from injuries that stem from a variety of causes. Turbulence, falling luggage and irate passengers are all risks for these hard-working men and women. In some cases, injuries come from the long working shifts and the nature of the work. Flight attendants can work anywhere from 4 to 18 hours for a shift, but some work even longer. 

Anyone on a flight crew who suffers an injury while they work should ensure they get proper medical care. They should receive workers’ compensation coverage for these injuries, but they may have to fight for them. If you suffered an injury while working a flight, be sure you learn about the benefits you’re due so you can ensure you receive them. Working with someone familiar with these matters might be beneficial.