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3 points baggage handlers must remember

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Baggage handlers provide a valuable service to anyone who’s traveling. While most people think of these individuals as being involved in the airline industry, they’re also part of other niches in the travel industry, such as cruise lines and hotels.

The nature of the job for these individuals is challenging. They have to handle bulky, heavy and large baggage, but they have to do so in a manner that keeps the contents of the luggage safe. There are several things baggage handlers and their employers should remember.

#1: Proper lifting is important

Never try to bend over to lift cargo. Always use proper lifting techniques for luggage. This includes using team lifts and other equipment when possible. Cargo shouldn’t ever be thrown, and workers shouldn’t ever try to catch luggage.

Some baggage handlers face one issue: the straps on some bags. They must be careful when lifting to avoid getting these straps caught on themselves when loading the belt or cart. Care must be taken if the item is heavy because the straps might not be able to withstand the weight.

#2: Challenges of working with carts

Even baggage carts can be problematic for workers. Heavy carts shouldn’t be moved by hand. Caution around motorized carts is also important because workers can be run over. Moving baggage to and from the cart should be done carefully. While working expeditiously is important so everyone can have their luggage, safety must still remain a priority when working around these luggage carts.

#3: Pay attention to tags

All baggage should be tagged if it’s heavy. Ideally, the tags will be brightly colored and will have the weight on them. Other tags that you might notice include those that denote fragile cargo and hazardous cargo.

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