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Why are workplace back injuries so hard to prove?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Most complaints employees report after a workplace accident involves back pain, often with some loss of movement and function. Workers often ignore pain and mobility issues, assuming the injury is minor and will heal without medical care.

Work-related back pain does not usually go away (and stay gone) without an accurate diagnosis followed by treatment. Unfortunately, doctors may struggle to assess back problems and pain with no clear injury site. An inaccurate diagnosis can damage a workers’ compensation claim involving back injuries.

Diagnostic hurdles doctors face

The first step in addressing back problems is discussing your symptoms with a doctor. However, disorders in that region pose multiple symptoms, and those with identical injuries may not experience the same ones. This makes it hard to get an accurate analysis through physician-patient discussions alone.

The doctor will perform a physical exam, probably by manipulating various parts of your body. Sometimes, these exams can identify a back condition accurately. Even so, such a diagnosis should be verified through imaging and other tests to help the patient avoid a denied workers’ compensation claim.

Sometimes, medical providers have problems locating the source of the patient’s back pain or injury. They must find out if the issue arises from a problem with your anatomical structure (joints, discs, etc.) or if it involves a nerve injury. If they fail and you receive an incorrect diagnosis, you might not get the full range of benefits you are due.

These reasons and many others can interfere with obtaining a correct diagnosis, which you will need to prove your injury is job-related. Guidance from someone who knows the ins and outs of Florida workers’ comp laws can help.