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Why you should use a proper lifting form at work

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

One of the biggest health concerns that workers face is back problems. Some back problems are caused by car accidents or slip-and-fall accidents. But, one cause of back problems comes, simply, from lifting objects, which is an especially common issue with workers.

Without a proper lifting technique, workers may suffer from strain and traumatic back injuries, such as a herniated disc. To ensure you aren’t damaging your back, you may need to review the following:

Plan your approach, and bend at your knees

You should first consider how you approach the object you intend to lift. Some objects shouldn’t be picked up if you have to hold it at a strange angle. Likewise, you may need to clear a path so you don’t have to lift the object multiple times. If you’re working with someone, you may need to be sure you both know what the plan is, where you intend to take it and when to lift it.

When you go to lift the object, you may find it easier to get as close to it as possible. Having a solid base for when you lift it could help you stay balanced. If your legs are too close, then you may find yourself struggling to stay stable. 

Possibly the most important thing to keep in mind is that you can reduce injuries by lifting with your legs. Many people instinctively want to bend their backs when they reach down to pick objects up. By doing so, you may place too much strain on your back and cause a medical issue. 

Even if you have a solid technique to lift objects, accidents do happen. Employees need to be aware of their legal rights to seek workers’ compensation when they’re injured on the job. Legal guidance can help.