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Delivery drivers are at risk of dog attacks

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | workplace injuries |

As a delivery driver, you may encounter various challenges during your daily rounds, including the risk of dog attacks. Around one out of every five dog attacks requires medical care. Delivery drivers are at an increased risk of dog attacks. In 2020, there were 5,800 dog attacks on United States Postal Service employees.

Ultimately, it’s best for delivery drivers to know how to remain safe if they come into contact with a dog while they’re doing their job duties.

What should you do if you see a dog on the loose?

If you notice a dog approaching, remain calm and avoid making any sudden movements. Try to maintain a safe distance from the dog. Place an object between you and the dog, such as a delivery bag, box or even a car door. Dogs can perceive direct eye contact as a threat, so avoid staring at the dog.

Consider carrying a dog deterrent spray, such as pepper spray or citronella spray, to use in case a dog becomes aggressive. Always resist the urge to run away. Running may trigger the dog’s predatory instincts and cause it to chase you.

If a dog attacks, try to protect your most vulnerable body parts, such as your face, neck and hands. Use your delivery bag, jacket or other available items to shield yourself.

If you experience a dog attack while you’re working, report the incident to your supervisor, local animal control and the appropriate authorities. This information can help prevent future attacks and protect other delivery drivers. Medical care for the injuries should be covered by workers’ compensation if you’re classified as an employee, so learn about this coverage.