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4 mistakes to steer clear of after a workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

As you report to work each day, the last thing on your mind is the possibility of an accident. However, the unfortunate reality is that workplace accidents do happen, affecting millions of American workers annually.

If you suffer a workplace injury, being proactive and informed is crucial to protect yourself and your rights. This article will explore four mistakes to avoid after a workplace accident.

1. Not reporting the accident to your employer

Informing your employer of the accident establishes a record of the incident and your injuries and kickstarts the workers’ compensation process. Although there are exemptions, Florida law gives employees a 30-day window to do so or risk forfeiting workers’ compensation benefits.

2. Not seeking medical attention

Seek medical attention immediately after the accident, even if you do not sustain major or apparent injuries. Some injuries may not show symptoms right away but could worsen over time. Getting medical attention will also provide evidence of your injuries and their severity, which could be crucial for your claim. Remember to follow your doctor’s advice when you are discharged.

4. Not keeping records

It helps to keep documents related to your workplace accident, such as accident reports, medical bills, receipts, communication with your employer or the insurer and anything else that could support your claim. You never know when they will come in handy.

While you may be entitled to compensation for certain damages after a workplace accident, obtaining it can be complex and challenging. Reaching out for qualified assistance can help you understand your rights and how things work in the workers’ compensation claims process.