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Recovery From Dog Bite Injuries

When an owner fails to properly fence or restrain their dog(s), it can result in serious injuries. It’s a staggering statistic — the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 4.5 million people suffer dog bites each year. Almost a million of these bites go on to become infected. While pit bulls get the worst rap, Labradors, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers and German Shepherds also account for numerous attacks.

At The Accident Law Group, P.A., in Coral Gables, our personal injury attorneys handle all types of personal injury cases, including dog bite cases. We know how an injury can change your life. Our founding attorney watched her mother struggle through the aftermath of a serious injury. We understand the toll an injury takes on your family and fight to obtain the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and time off work.

Long-Term Consequences

Depending on the severity of an injury, it could mean that you might not be able to keep doing activities that you enjoy. For example, a bite that severs tendons or breaks bones could put an end to running. Consequences of injuries:

  • Cuts, lacerations and puncture wounds can lead to serious infections, which when left untreated can require amputation
  • Facial injuries are common and can damage eyesight and cause significant scarring
  • Nerve damage that can be hard to treat is another common issue

Unlike car accident cases that are handled through motor vehicle insurance, a claim related to a dog bite is usually brought through a homeowners insurance policy. Similarly, insurance will cover medical bills, lost wages and provide monetary damages for pain and suffering.

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