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When Distracted Driving Caused The Crash

How do you figure out what caused a car wreck? If you suffered severe injuries, you may not even remember the moments leading up to the accident. Florida law has been lax on one of the most distracting activities that happen behind the wheel – texting and driving. Texting on a cellphone is a secondary offense that can add points to your license, but only if caught speeding and texting.

At The Accident Law Group, P.A., our lawyers fight to ensure that those injured in accidents on our Coral Gables and surrounding community streets have the resources they need to reach maximum recovery. Our team is here to handle the legal issues so you can focus on physical therapy and recovery to move forward with your life.

Life Can Change In Five Seconds

Even reading a short text takes a driver’s eye from the road for at least five seconds. In a matter of seconds, a vehicle travels almost 300 feet at 40 miles per hour. It’s enough time to fail to react to a car stopping or a motorcycle making a turn.

Compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering generally will come from the insurance company of the negligent driver. Uncovering and proving that negligent driving caused your injuries often require the experience that comes from handling many personal injury claims.

If the texting driver doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage, your own uninsured or underinsured coverage may kick in to provide compensation. In these cases, we will file a claim with your insurance company to get the money you need during recovery. If you were driving as part of your job at the time of the accident, there may also be benefits available through workers’ compensation.

Review Of A Settlement Offer

If an insurance company offers to settle your claim quickly, you need to think twice. Often this will be less than what you will need, and it might not take into account the full extent of your injuries. Before ever signing off on a settlement offer, seek an attorney review.

Our attorneys understand the insurance company tactics that are unfortunately used to deny or underpay your claim. When necessary, we have the resources to oppose the big companies at trial.

When an accident causes the death of a loved one, nothing will bring this family member or dear friend back. But a wrongful death lawsuit is one way to hold a negligent person accountable and may keep the same from occurring to another family.

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